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Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit: 3 Tips To Make Finding What You Need Faster And Easier

The key to being able to easily retrieve the items you need from your self-storage is to plan ahead. This is because the way you organize your unit when you are packing will have a huge impact on your ability to find what you need when the time comes to once again put your stored items to good use. Thankfully, the tips outlined below can help to make this task much easier regardless of how big or small your self-storage unit may be. 

Tip #1: Use Color To Make Category Identification Easy

Whether you plan to store items in plastic containers or in simple cardboard boxes, the use of a color-coding system can make identifying the location of specific items much easier. This is because a standard label can be hard to see from a distance. Consequently, you could find yourself searching through dozens of boxes or containers before you find the items you are looking for. With a color-coding system, you can easily identify different categories of items simply by the color of the container or the colored label that was used. For example, if you assign red bins or labels for all Christmas decorations, you will be able to easily see where they are all located without needing to search through any extra containers. 

Tip #2: Don't Forget To Leave Room For Yourself

When packing your self-storage unit, it can be easy to forget to leave room for yourself. However, if you fail to leave a path for you to move about inside your storage unit, you will be forced to unpack a large portion of the unit's contents if you wish to access the items that are stored behind them. 

Tip #3: Don't Store Large Items In The Rear Of The Unit

People often start packing their self-storage units by placing all of the large items into the unit and then packing the smaller items around them. The problem with this approach is that when you are ready to retrieve any of these larger items, you will not be able to get them out of the unit without first removing all of the smaller items you have placed in front of them. This can be quite a tiresome task depending upon just how much is stashed away inside your unit. To prevent this issue, consider placing smaller items in the rear of the unit while storing larger items up front where they can easily be removed without the need to unpack any unnecessary items.   

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