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Safe Solutions To Move A Gun Safe

Moving is an overwhelming task for most people, but having to transport heavy, bulky items can make the moving process even more complicated. A gun safe is a great option for storing guns, ammo, and personal belongings away in a safe and effective manner, but this item can be incredibly difficult to move due to its size, shape, and weight. Here are a few safe solutions to help you move your gun safe with ease.

Empty It

First and foremost, you need to empty your safe. Never attempt to move a safe, even if it can remain locked, with items inside. Not only will a safe that is filled be heavier to move, but moving the safe with guns and ammo inside can be dangerous.

Empty all items from your gun safe and pack away safely in their designated cases. Boxes of ammo should be packed away in boxes and labeled properly. It is important to note that certain laws apply when moving guns to another state. Make sure to carry your guns on your person along with permits that show you are legally allowed to own and carry the firearm.

Also, if you are using professional movers, contact the company beforehand to determine if they are permitted to carry firearms and ammo. Many companies will not transport these items due to safety hazards.

Any other personal belongings, such as cash, coins, documents, and valuables, should also be packed away and carried on your own. This reduces the risk and worry of theft.

Secure It

Once the safe is emptied, you need to secure it before attempting the move.

Make sure all shelves and drawers on the interior of the safe are secured in place using tape. This will keep them from moving, which can distribute the weight unevenly, making the safe more challenging to transport.

The door of your safe should also be secured. Make sure you have the combination documented in a place you will be able to locate it. If the safe is locked with a key, ensure the key remains on your keychain at all times.

Close the door and lock it. It is also helpful for tying bungee cords around the safe, as well. This will add an extra layer of protection, reducing the risk of the heavy door coming open during transport.

Roll It

A furniture or appliance dolly is the most effective way to move a gun safe. Ask friends or family members to help you guide the dolly under the safe. This allows you to prop the dolly, with the safe on it, up so you can roll it out of the home and onto the moving truck.

Never attempt to lift a gun safe unless you have assistance and a back brace to support your body.

Transporting a gun safe to your new home does not have to be stressful. These tips will help you move your safe safely. Contact a residential moving service for more help.

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