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Managing Your Small Online Sales Business Inventory

If you're new to managing inventory for your online sales business, there are a few things that you need to know to make it easier for you. If you fail to organize your inventory and create an inventory log, you'll spend more time searching for the items that you've sold and need to mail out to your customers. Here, you'll learn some things that can help you stay on top of your inventory instead of drowning in it.

Invest in Storage Bins

Heavy-duty plastic storage bins are a must. Choose the bins that are clear so that you can see exactly what is inside.

Make sure that the bins that you choose have durable lids. Many of the cheaper options have lids that are not strong enough to withstand the weight of other bins being stacked on top of them. They also don't seal as tightly as they need to in order to protect the contents from moisture and pest infestation.

Categorize the Inventory

You likely sell different types of things, so you need to categorize your inventory. Separate the different types of things that you have – housewares, clothing by gender and size, toys, electronics, etc..

Once you have everything separated, you'll know exactly where you need to go to find the mixer that you've sold or the pair of men's shorts. Keeping things all mixed up will cause it to take much longer to find what you need because you won't know where even to start to find what you need to ship.

Create an Inventory Log

This can be a very time-consuming project to undergo, especially if you've been selling for quite some time without having any type of inventory log to work with.

Each category that you sell should be given a number – For example, give toys the letter "A," women's clothing the letter "B," etc.. You will start the inventory number with that letter. Use a piece of masking tape if you don't have a tag gun to write the inventory number on and stick to the item.

Once you've given each item a number, it's time to create a log sheet. The log sheet should include the inventory item number, a brief description, the number of like items you have and the price that you've paid and listed the item for.

You can create log books on your computer that you can use to update and monitor exactly what you have in inventory from day to day. 

Start working to organize and create a working inventory log for your items. You'll be tired when you're done, but as long as you keep up with things as you sell, you'll not have to go through all of that work again, and you'll easily be able to find exactly what you need at the time that you need it. To learn more, contact a company like Quantum Storage. 

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