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Time To Clear Out Some Space? 4 Steps To Take When Renting A Storage Unit

If you've run out of room at your home, it's time to find something else to do with your seldom-used possessions. Things like seasonal items, clothes that your kids have outgrown – but that you might use again – or other items that you can't part with, can be safely stored away in a storage facility. One of the benefits of using a storage facility is that all your belongings will be readily available when you need them again. Here are four steps you'll need to follow to help you avoid problems with your new storage unit.

1. Ask About Site Security

When choosing a storage facility, you'll want to choose one that provides the best security. For maximum protection, you should try and choose a facility that offers on-site managers, as well as 24-hour security cameras. It's also important that you choose a facility that has protected access to the storage units. This will ensure that your property is protected against theft.

2. Protect Against Flood Damage

You never know when a flood is going to pass through the area. The last thing you want is to lose your possessions to a flood. The best way to avoid that risk is to choose a storage facility that offers multi-level storage units. By choosing a unit that's off ground level, your belongings will be protected against flooding. If your storage facility doesn't offer multi-level storage units, use storage racks to keep your belongings up off the floor.

3. Pay for the Added Insurance Protection

When it comes to protecting your belongings while they're in storage, one of the best things you can do is invest in the added insurance protection. The added insurance will ensure that your belongings will be replaced should they be damaged or destroyed while they're in storage. If you own your home, and you have homeowner's insurance, be sure to check about storage unit coverage. Your belongings may be protected by your homeowner's insurance.

4. Stop by the Facility as Often as Possible

Once your belongings are safely packed away in the storage unit, you may be tempted to just leave them there. Unfortunately, that's a good way to suffer damage without knowing it. To protect your belongings, you should try and stop by the storage facility at least once a month. This will give you the opportunity to look for problems such as moisture problems, water damage, or pest infestations.

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