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Between Semesters? How To Make Moving Home Easier

If you're between semesters at college with a long summer vacation, you'll need to figure out how to move out of a dorm or apartment and then move back in a few months later. While it can be a huge inconvenience, it is a necessity due to your temporary living arrangements. Here are some tips to make moving home easier.

Hold Onto Boxes 

Don't make the mistake of throwing out your moving boxes as soon as you move in. Break them down and store them underneath your bed, that way you have them ready to go in the spring when you move out.

If you don't have boxes, start looking for cheap moving materials. There may be departments around your school that have boxes that they get rid of. Try to get a hold of these boxes before they are picked up with the trash.

Use a Storage Unit

Depending on how far away home is, it may not make sense to move all your belongings back home for the summer. Try to rent a local storage unit so that you can temporarily keep your big items close to campus.

The downside to using a storage unit is that you may not have a car big enough to move your bigger items, such as a bed and a dresser. You'll either need to rent a small moving truck or ask a friend with a truck for help.

Sell Items You Don't Need

Now is the time to purge your belongings so you can take home as little as possible. With so many people moving at the same time, it will be easy to find people to take things off your hands. For example, if you have an extra couch because your roommate next year is bringing theirs, try to sell your couch to another student. It will be one less large piece of furniture that you need to pack for the big move.

Hire Movers

Sometimes it is just not possible to move on your own based on the logistics. For example, you have enough items to fit inside a moving truck, but you have a small car that you need to take home with you. Consider hiring movers to load the truck and drive it back home for you. It can be the only way to get everything home, especially if multiple car trips to and from campus is not an option.

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