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Don't Ignore These Incidental Expenses When Budgeting For A Move

If you are planning to move, you should craft your budget carefully to include even incidental expenses. Below are some of the incidental expenses that might arise.


You may have to store your items temporarily during the move. For example, if the delivery address is not ready to receive the items, a few days of storage might be necessary as you ready the house. Many moving companies offer storage services precisely for this purpose. 

Long Carry or Shuttle

Depending on where you live, the movers may have to pack the moving truck a long way from your house. That would mean carrying your items from the house to the moving truck, which may require a smaller van if the distance is long. Expect to pay a long carry or shuttle fee depending on whether the movers carry the items or use a small van for the task.

Babysitter or Pet Sitter

If you have young children or pets, then you should have someone look after them during the move. The children or movers can easily get in the way of moving work or get injured. You don't want pets crawling into packing boxes or children getting in the way of the loaders. You may have to pay someone to take care of the kids or pets if you can't do so on your own.


Movers don't work for tips, but most of them will appreciate tips. A tip is even more welcome if the work is extensive and takes the movers a long time to conclude. Say you live upstairs and you are moving your entire house — your movers will definitely appreciate your tips.


Movers also don't expect refreshments, but most of them will appreciate refreshments or snacks depending on the nature of the work. At the very least, you should provide some soft drinks or water to your movers. Alcohol is not a good idea since many people have a policy of not drinking while on the job.

Extra-Stop Charges

Lastly, you might also need to pay extra to have the movers make additional stops for your items. This will apply if you have items at different locations and you don't plan to gather them at a central location first. An example is if you have some items at home, others at a storage facility, and others at your office.

The best way to get a good quote is to have the mover come to your house. That way they will see everything as it is so that they can give an accurate quote. Call residential moving companies in your area to learn more.

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